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Orta’s Active Loss Control(ALC) technology is the latest, applied to Orta by AZLA’s advanced technicians. Developed and considered mathematically to angle, shape, height and width of spaces for whole processing of sound delivery from the driver.
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We Were Born To Love Music

AZLA is a brand from Korean company ‘AZLAInc’, produced and exports high quality earphones.
Based on value and technology recognition, foreign capital is invested. 

AZLA is being earphone export speciality brand for targeting entire world.

The Best Design For Best Sound

AZLA’s three different models- 01R, Horizon and ORTA,
designed for sole series from the first step. Orta is the basic model among these models. Through long time R&D procedure, we fully understand the process of delivery, produced through “deliberate” mathematical calculation and specific mechanism, finally finished by our best technicians.

ALC Technology

Active Loss Control(ALC) Technology is the latest tech, applied to ORTA.
Developed and considered mathmatically to angle, shape,
or round and height and width of space for whole processing
of sound delivery from the driver.
And, keep sound straightened as much as possible,
and minimize reflective waves for minimizing sound distortion.

ORTA’s sound is straightness is highlighted and minimized sound loss.
The result is delivered to the listener via SednaEarfit eartips.

ALC Driver

AZLA’s own developed 8mm metal dome driver for ORTA.
Based ALC technology, considered synergy among whole parts in the driver, which is developed a long time for the best result, by ‘try and error’ method.
Balanced sound from the bass to the treble, and richful detail and sound.

Pyramid shape designed 40micron thickness driver unit, made by aluminum alloy, minimized sound distortions and deliverers correct and clear sound to the listener.

Top Mechanism

High-end technical assembley.
Inside of the unit also beautifully designed.
Chemical bonding methods are not used for the best sound delivery.
By using UV coated “nozzle chamber”, removes the gap among the part for minimizing vibration.

Sound Vent

Exceptional technic and high-quality material.

ORTA’s unit design is as same as hi-fi speaker’s one.
With two open vents and top-tier grade UV coated polycarbone housing,
it has clear design and superb sound.
Inner chamber housing for bass control also protects
the driver without chemical bonding.
Inner chamber housing is fixing the driver unit
and protects the driver from external shock.
It removes exceed vibration and provides stable and clear sound.

High Quality cable

Detachable MMCX plug type is chosen for AZLA ORTA,
which normally choose by high price earphones.
After coated 18 standards silver plated coated wires by Urethane,
TPE pressed a totally 4 wires, pressed TPE method once again.
It is increased delivery from the source to ORTA unit,
and it maximizes satisfaction of listeners by more strict QC.
AZLA ORTA provides 3.5mm unbalanced, 2.5mm balanced, and Apple Lightning.
(MFI certified)

In-house developed SednaEarfit Light eartips span
approximately two years in preparation for
the creation of the AZLA brand.
Throughout Listening Music

Supplying SEDNA eartips, developed and designed by AZLA.

Produced by high quality silicon for medical amd special purpses,
made in Korea.
Provide clear and correct sound from ORTA,
and its fit is very comfortable.

Driver Unit
8mm Metal DomeDynamic Driver
Total Harmonic Distortion
Less than 0.8%
Frequency Range
8Hz – 40kHz
27Ω ±10%
20g (with cable)
3.5mm unbalanced

2.5mm unbalanced

Apple Lighting (MFI certified)
Coming soon