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Product ID: 01523
Azel focuses richful bass, crystal-clear high and natural vocal sound, specially treated for solving the problem of intelligibility and using multimedia content that is of lower quality than professional audio playback environments such as streaming and mobile games.
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AZEL Sound Overview

The basic sound features of AZEL focuses on
expressing detailed highs naturally,
in addition to the richly laid out bass.

In particular, not only tuned to focus on
suitable for animation, OST,
and gameplay environments

HORIZON, ORTA, ZWEI, and AZEL, the AZLA high-quality earphone series,
all started as one project.
The last product, which AZLA started to develop

with the in-house project name “Panzer Dragoon”, is AZEL

AZEL is a product that expresses direction of the brand’s
future by applying AZLA’s latest innovative and futuristic
signature design, including a wide-range HD driver made
in-house, a metal cutting body with tough hairline treatment,
and a Fibonacci pattern nozzle damper.
Characteristics of Sound

You can enjoy rich sound even in a low-quality sound source playback environment
compared to audio files such as portable devices, streaming or mobile games, which has relatively lack of output or dynamics.
The special processing of the treble, the second point of the AZEL sound,
was done to solve the problem of intelligibility,
which is the problem with the rich bass, the first point.
Given the rich bass in consideration of the multimedia content usage environment,
this could have been unsatisfactory in the audiophile’s usage environment.
Therefore, much effort has been made so that the treble can be
clearly transmitted even in the rich bass.
Numerous tunings and parts have been changed to bring the high-end part up
to the ultra-high range from the driver developed in-house.
The high-precision treatment using this nozzle damper in combination
with the speaker driver achieves a level of clarity that even a sound enthusiast can satisfy.
Especially, it made the attractiveness of female vocals stand out.
AZEL is a product that can be used by music lovers for serious music listening while
making it possible for light users to easily enjoy high-quality multimedia contents such
as streaming music playback and mobile game play.

Sound Graph

FR Magnitude dB re 20uPa/V

Best-in-class Sound
Balance Management

AZEL is manufactured in Korea, like the existing project series.
All products are manufactured through highly skilled technician’s L / R balance management.
For music lovers, it is very easy to feel the balance difference between left and right and know very well how stressful it is.
AZEL is manufactured and shipped with much more thorough much more L / R sound balance management even when compared to products
of the same or higher price range.

In House Dynamic Driver

The speaker driver used in AZEL is a dynamic driver which developed, tuned, and invested directly by AZLA, and reproduces a wide bandwidth of 4hz ~ 60,000hz.
The emphasized low frequencies are very luxurious, while the high frequencies are not covered.
It is a driver that makes the expression of the contrabass and bassoon as vibrant and hearty as possible, but also captures the ultra-high frequencies expressed by the violin as much as possible.

Metal Cutting Housing

AZEL’s housing process is consisted with adding metal cutting process, applying a rough hairline finishing method inspired by high-end watchmaking to complete it’s design in a more luxurious way.

Fibonacci Pattern Nozzle Damper

Nozzle dampers made of Fibonacci patterns are elaborately machined from metal.
The Fibonacci pattern that is evenly distributed mathematically is applied
to maximize the expressive power of a particularly high-level sound structure.

Premium Silver Plated OFC Cable

AZLA offers premium cables that are not easily 

found in the similar price range.
Premium silver plated high purity OFC cable adopted by AZEL consists of 72 strands in total. It offers a high level of premium sound with low resistance and
fast transmission, and is manufactured with tuning that emphasizes balance rather than emphasizing a specific range.

The earphone cable and the earphone bodies are usually connected by small parts called ‘bushing’.
In the case of AZEL, 

the outer bushing was removed for aesthetic treatment.
Instead, it eliminates the risk of disconnection of the cable, strengthens the Kevlar inside the cable for stability, and adopts a double internal bushing treatment process inside the metal housing, saving the design and improving the quality of the product.

L / R SIDE unit protection

To protect the details and products never seen in its class, AZEL comes with a pouch
that can individually protect L / R units.
And, a luxurious carrying case made of double material is also provided as standard.

SednaEarfit Short Light

Received Japan’s VGP2020, and provides all sizes
of SednaEarfit Short Light from AZLA, premium silicone eartips
that are ‘HIT’ products in Japan.

  • The four attractive colors applied to AZEL,
  • such as Beluga Black with a dark metallic texture,
  • The four attractive colors applied to AZEL,
  • such as Beluga Black with a dark metallic texture,
  • Oyster Gray reminiscent of an oyster shell,
  • The four attractive colors applied to AZEL,
  • such as Beluga Black with a dark metallic texture,
  • Oyster Gray reminiscent of an oyster shell,
  • Forest Green for a lush forest feel,
  • The four attractive colors applied to AZEL,
  • such as Beluga Black with a dark metallic texture,
  • Oyster Gray reminiscent of an oyster shell,
  • Forest Green for a lush forest feel,
  • and passionate Dakota Red, express different personalities.
Made In Korea
AZLA’s HQ is located in Seocho-gu, Seoul, and its production factory is located in Jecheon,
Chungcheongbuk-do, the city of fresh wind and bright moon.
AZLA products are made in Korea and mainly exported to the most demanding Japanese markets in the world, and sold under their own brand.
AZEL offers best-in-class quality, colorful accessory configurations to commemorate the end of the project name “Panzer Dragoon”.
Experience the clean yet vibrant premium sound with a metal cutting body, wide range in-housedriver,
exquisitely processed metal Fibonacci grill and premium silver plated OFC cable.
  • AZEL Earphones
  • AZEL cable
  • SednaEarfit Lightshort (SS, S, MS, M, ML, L)
  • Manual
Driver Unit
8mm Dynamic Driver, Developed by AZLA
SPL 1kHz 97db
Total Harmonic Distortion
Less than 1%
24 Ohms(+-10% 1kHz)
Frequency Range
4Hz ~ 60kHz
About 19g (With Cable)
Coming soon