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Product ID: 01523
AMAP-1000 is the first audio solution by AZLA, specially designed and developed for the best sound like as hifi audio system. Rich bass and warmth sound quality provides joyful and relaxed time for its users.
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AMAP-1000 is developed and produced by Azla.

It is a specialized brand in the export of earphones targeting worldwide markets,

with the investment of foreign capital what made by high technology



Rich bass is based on the use of multimedia content that is of lower quality

than professional audio playback environments

such as streaming and mobile games.

Special Technology

The special treatment of the highs was done to solve the problem of intelligibility,

which is the first point, followed by the rich bass.

Back View

Ex: In particular, not only tuned to focus on suitable for animation, OST, and gameplay environments, but as well as natural expression of female vocals, and is designed to avoid fatigue when used for a long time.

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